2018/05/17 19:32

Do you like to go shopping? 쓰고

I don't enjoy shopping. I barely even go grocery shopping. Going to a mart just once a weekend with my husband is enough. Of course, I sometimes even ask him to do that. I don't know why but when I go to especially big supermarket or department store, I easily get tired. A new pair of shoes or brand-new clothes doesn't appeal to me that much. Department stores are all similar in every city, and have no personality. And it's stuffy there as well.

However, I do love to look around flea markets. Things are different here. Firstly, it's an outdoor market which means it's not stuffy at all. Secondly, there are many unique and distinctive items which are across from country and time. So, when I get there and examine all that stuff, it seems that all my senses are beginning to get excited and starting a new exploration. Lastly, if I find and get the gem(not literally) that I wanted or something that matches with my style at a cheap price, yeah, it's game over. coool. 

While traveling many countries, I visited flea markets a lot, and one of my favorite was in Denmark.
It was located near to a river in Odense which I can't remember the exact name, anyway it was quite huge and had a good atmosphere there with so many different types of items and people of all ages enjoying it.  Unfortunately, I couldn't buy anything at all cause I didn't have no Denmark money. We were just stopping by Denmark on our way to Sweden, so there was no need to change the money. But if I had known that there was such an amazing market, I would have prepared plenty of money for it. It's still so sad. But... wait, come to think of it, even if I had had enough money, I coundn't buy a lot since we had to move around the countries so all that things might have been a burden anyway. Alright then. haha.

Thesedays, I think my brain and all of my senses want to explore flea market or something as exciting as a flea market.
What could it be? hmmmm....

the flea market in Odense

* Any comments, corrections and suggestions regarding my English are always welcome. I appreciate for it !


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